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Claim Your Vibrancy

Through the Essential Life Relationships

Live online program - Coming autumn 2022!

8 week live-online program

Embody The Life Essentials - Keys to Sustainable Health, Vitality, and a Vibrant Life at Your Full Potential - That We Were Never Taught

Program begins October 2022, details coming soon xo

Peace, ease, health, and a feeling of total, all-encompassing wellness lies first and foremost in mastering the simple, taken for granted, mundane areas of life that are essential, yet that we continuously run over because we’re trying so hard to keep up with this overcomplicated, overwhelming world of excess.

here's a sneak peak...

Life is Relationship

Relationship with our body. Our mind. Emotions. Others. Work. Food. Our day. How our relationships go is how our life goes.


Smooth relationships = ease, flow, satisfaction and fulfilment in life


The alternative? Disharmony, dis-ease, a level lack of satisfaction and a sense of “isn’t there something more for me?”


Let’s put this into the context of real, day-to-day life. 


When we try to effect change in our life - improve our health, change our patterns and routine, change our relational patterns, find more peace at work, and calm unstable mental patterns and emotions - and it doesn’t work, it’s because there is a shaky foundation that lacks a thread of connectedness through the various aspects of our self and life


Our ability to make sustainable changes in life is undermined by needs of our body-mind system that aren’t getting attended to.


When we deny the inter-relationship - and the need for attention and nourishment - of all aspects of our body, minds, and lives, we deny ourselves the ability to really grow, heal, change, and thrive.

This program will help you change that.

details coming soon.... xo

This course is here to help you ground yourself in the life essentials that we should have been taught as children - essentials that, when deeply rooted in our system and psyche, elevate all areas of life.

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