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Through the Essential Life Relationships


Embody Life Essentials - Keys to Sustainable Health, Vitality, and A Vibrant Life at Your Full Potential - That We Were Never Taught

8-week live online program

Next course dates: Tuesday October 31 - Tuesday December 19, 2023

life is relationship

Relationship with our body. Our mind. Emotions. Others. Work. Food. Our day. The relationships we have in life are endless.


How our relationships go is how our life goes. And we have the power to shape that. 

I use the wise teachings of Ayurveda, Yoga, and natural, intuitive living to help clients restore balance.


I can help you:

live well

age well

and thrive

life is a journey

And so is this course. 


A journey of learning how to use the tools of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Intuitive Living to balance your body, manage your mind, and connect to your innermost essence through the various life relationships.

As we heal and enhance the body health, manage the mind, and connect to our innermost truth, we can actualize our full potential - the highest version of ourselves. And it is there that sustainable health and vibrancy resides.


this course is for you, if you...

  • Want to nurture your body-mind health, because you understand that health is your greatest asset and integral part of a high quality, longer life that you love living

  • Want to improve how you show up in the world - physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually

  • Have distracting symptoms and disease that you are ready to move beyond

  • Are ready to embrace your radiance and vitality

  • Feel inspired to become a proactive, conscious player in the health of your body, mind, and heart

  • Want to set a trajectory for healthier relationships with your body, health, diet, routine, and relationships so that you can have more freedom, solution focus, positivity, and optimism that naturally bubbles from your insides out

  • Feel like you’ve been ‘missing’ something in life, and though you ‘know’ the right things to do in the areas of life that trouble you, you haven’t quite been able to make headway

  • Appreciate authentic connections, real relationships, ability to ask questions, and have guidance on your journey to a more satisfying, complete, and fulfilling way to live

  • Want to age gracefully

  • Desire clarity in how to move forward in your health and self-development from a foundation of internal cohesion

  • Are seeking more ease, flow, and sweetness in your day-to-day living

There are certain life essentials, that had we established conscious, healthy patterns with from our early years, would have empowered us to be here now feeling lively, vibrant, secure, competent, capable, at peace and in joy as we walk through life

we are our own best healer

We have so much more power over our health and wellness than we give ourselves credit for. We already are our own best healer. We just haven't learned how to manage being a human being in a body with a mind, energy, and emotions, who is impacted by his or her surroundings. When we do learn to care for all those aspects of our being, we self-heal.


As we tune in to the truth of who we are and what we require to thrive at the most base, fundamental levels in the body, mind, and heart, we access the ability to elevate our lives.


We can feel better and better in life. Are you curious about how good you can really feel? About how to take better, more comprehensive care of yourself? How to improve your health of body, peace and clarity of mind, ease of emotions, and sense of self-connectedness?


We don’t have to follow the norm and fall into the patterns of aging, thinking, relating, and living that don’t appeal to us yet still seem to pull us along with them. We don't have to continue to struggle. 


We can age gracefully, live from a clear, open-minded space, be symptom and disease-free in our body, have great relationships with ourselves and others, feel consistently positive about ourselves and life, and experience the deep peace and vibrancy that comes from evolving our relationships with the various aspects of ourselves and life. 

we live in a compartmentalized, overcomplicated world

We live in a compartmentalized world, where most of us compartmentalize our approach to health. 


We compartmentalize our emotional issues as separate from our mindstate and body. We think of our inner world as separate from our outer environment. We try to ‘fix’ one area of our being - our mental patterns, or our physical systems, or relationship issues - without looking at our life as a whole.


This course is about moving from compartmentalized to cohesive.


It’s an integrative approach to caring for essential layers of ourselves and our life on a daily basis, so that the issues we experience mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually can have the strongest foundation from which to resolve. 


We also live in an overcomplicated world.


Our truest power for peace, ease, health, and a feeling of total, all-encompassing wellness lies in evolving the simple, taken for granted, "background-hum" areas of life that are essential, yet that we continuously run over because we’re trying so hard to keep up with this overcomplicated, overwhelming world of excess.


Health and healing lies in greater simplicity and more conscious living. 


There are certain life essentials, that had we established conscious, healthy patterns with from our early years, would have empowered us to be here now feeling so much more lively, vibrant, secure, competent, capable, and successful in our endeavors. 


But most of us haven’t gotten the grounding we need in these life essentials, and now no matter what we do or how hard we try, we still somehow feel continually bogged down, like we’re fighting the current. Or taking one step forward and two steps back with our health, relationships, and personal growth. 


This course is here to help you ground yourself in the life essentials that we should have been taught as children - essentials that, when rooted in our system and psyche, elevate all areas of life and allow us to express the healthiest, highest versions of who we are.


From this foundation you can build upon the different areas of life in more depth over time - like digestive health, mental health, personal growth, relationships, and your yoga practice. But the difference is, that it won’t be at the exclusion of any of the other essential areas - it will be from a place of a greater sense of wholeness, which will make those explorations so much more impactful.

your foundation to a balanced, healthy life

This course encompasses 8 areas of life in which you’ll build conscious connection and relationship. 


This will bring balance to your life. Balance leads to health, and health leads to full expression of vibrancy.


You’ll weave the wise teachings and timeless practices of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Intuitive Living through essential life relationships week by week, creating a foundation of cohesion that will reflect in the health of your body and quality of your mind and emotions. 


Because just like a house built on shaky foundation is unstable and weak, so too our attempts at improving our life are less effective, unsteady, and tenuous if we lack stable footing in the essential areas of life.


This is an experiential course where you’ll learn how to live a healthier, more cohesive, holistically balanced, and exponentially more satisfying life by developing an awareness of yourself as a dynamic, holistic, multi-faceted being that has base requirements that are needed in order to thrive.


Claim Your Vibrancy Through the Essential Life Relationships is a holistic foundational course from which you can then dive even more deeply into the various aspects of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Intuitive Living from a place of grounding, centeredness and harmony with yourself as a holistic being.


A place where you can really absorb and expand with your future explorations of yourself and life.

the course modules

Module 1: Welcome, and Relationship with Your Breath

Prana is the vital life force that pervades all parts of our being. Prana increases our energy, self healing, cellular intelligence, body function, and expanded consciousness. You'll explore:

  • Ayurveda, yoga, and intuitive living as practical tools to enhance our life experience, including the body health, mind state, and quality of life

  • Breath and prana: How prana heals and is a gateway to accessing your Truth and divine intelligence

  • Your breath, breathing patterns, and breathing better in life


Module 2: Relationship with Your Body

The body is our main tool for experiencing life. A healthy physical, mental, and emotional relationship with the body are all part of a healthy vibrant life, free from distracting symptoms and disease. Learning to align with your body is key to proactive health and maintaining youthfulness. You'll explore: 

  • Attitude, appreciation, posture, and body mechanics

  • Listening to your body

  • Self healing and releasing body stress

Module 3: Relationship with Activity and Rest

We are dynamic beings that require a balance of stillness and movement in both body and mind to prevent disease and enhance the healthy longevity of our body. You'll explore: 

  • Balancing stillness and movement of body and mind

  • Activity, exercise, rest, and sleep

  • Finding your flow


Module 4: Relationship with Digestion and Metabolism

Disease and health are both dependent on the state of digestion and metabolism. Understanding how toxins are formed, and how to prevent toxin formation, and how poor quality tissues are formed and how to create high quality tissues, make the difference between pain, suffering and disease, and ease, freedom, and health. You'll explore:

  • Agni, your digestive fire, and how it impacts physical, mental, and emotional health

  • Building better tissues and reducing negative symptoms in the body

  • Nurturing your digestive fire, the root of health or disease

  • When, why, and how to plan a 5-day kitchari digestive reset


Module 5: Relationship with Your Mind

An unmanaged mind can cause so much pain, suffering and disconnection. So much so, that the practices of Yoga exist for the purpose of learning to manage the mind! It's also a main cause of disease identified in Ayurveda because the mind impacts the body, and the body impacts the mind. You'll explore: 

  • Your mind pervades your entire body: Understanding your mind srota (channel in connection with all the others)

  • Your mind as a tool: Managing the mind

  • Principles and practices for a peaceful mind and life


Module 6: Relationship with Your Energy Body and Emotions

We are energy beings in a body, and energy is always at play in and around us, impacting how we feel and how we show up for ourselves and life. You'll explore:

  • The energy at play in and around us

  • Holding energy and emotions vs. letting them move

  • How to provide energetic relief to your body and clear energy that is not yours from your space

  • Enhancing your connection to your subtle body


Module 7: Relationship with the World Around You

We are not separate from the people and world around us, and we are continuously responding - whether consciously or unconsciously - to these influences. How we relate to life around us impacts our health and vitality on all levels. You'll explore:

  • How to own your space: Be less affected by others' energy so you can show up in life clearly and consistently you

  • Showing up how you want to show up in your relationships

  • Dissolving and resolving triggers

  • How external spaces relate to and impact our internal world

  • Increasing sattva - balance, harmony, ease, flow, and light


Module 8: Relationship with Your Innermost Essence

We are already everything we seek to know and become and when we realize that on an experiential level, life flows and unfolds and we have deep seated peace along with radiance and vitality. You'll explore: 

  • Your self-connection 

  • Developing your relationship with your innermost essence and Truth

  • Accessing the highest expressions of who you are: peace, bliss and freedom





Registration is open!

Register by Saturday October 14th to receive a complementary Energy Clearing and Healing!

Course begins Tuesday October 31st

One program, two tiers


Claim Your Vibrancy Through the Essential Life Relationships - Standard Tier

Everything you’ve read about so far.


$497 CAD   |   $375 USD


Or Payment Plan: Split into 3 payments at the start, mid-point, and end of the course

Claim Your Vibrancy Through the Essential Life Relationships - Private Tier

Everything you’ve read about so far, but completely private. You’ll receive individualized teaching, guidance, and support that we coordinate to fit your schedule. It includes weekly 60 mins sessions, with the addition of personalized meal plan and nutritional guidance throughout the 8-weeks, based on your health consultation (also included).


$2197 CAD   |   $1697 USD


Or Payment Plan: Split into 3 payments at the start, mid-point, and end of the course

Add private sessions to complement your transformation, choosing from: 

  • Ayurveda health consultation   |   Student special of $150 CAD

  • Private yoga session   |   Student special of $150 CAD

  • Vedic astrology (jyotish reading)   |   Student special of $150 CAD

  • Mentorship session (on an area of life, your studies, or your spiritual process)   |   $150 CAD 

  • SIT (subconscious imprinting technique to resolve deep rooted impressions in your psyche that are holding back your full, free living today)   |   $150 CAD

  • Energy clearing and healing   |   $60 CAD



final thoughts

Taking time for the preparation phase of anything pays off exponentially. So does backing up in the process - like we do in this course - to establish firmer footing and foundations where they are lacking. In this case, with the essentials of life.


Creating connection with these areas in your life will set you up for success that you may have been trying to get in your body health, mind state, emotional condition, or relationships but haven’t quite been able to grasp. They are life essentials that when we attend to, nurture, and cultivate them, significantly impact how we experience ourselves and life. And they will enhance any other health, self-development, relationship, and spiritual work that you are already doing. 


They have for me. And just as taking the time to embody these life essentials, this holistic experience of ourselves in life, has supported me to grow and expand in much more successful, sustainable ways - so it can for you too. 


Because this paves the way for deeper dives into all these areas of life - body health, mind, spiritual living, energy body and emotions, relationships, and more.


The wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Intuitive Living opens doors and experiences, insights and adventures with ourselves, others, and life that we couldn’t have imagined. Free from the distractions of symptoms and disease.


And it starts with tending to the simple things we do on a daily basis that are intricately linked to our health and wellness. And with that, the magic builds, and all of our endeavors, dreams and desires are explored and experienced from a much deeper, established place of health, wellness, and abundance of joy, presence, and ease. We are all deserving of that.


If you’re ready to let your life shift, to progress where you haven’t been able to, to grow where you’ve felt stagnant, then consider joining me in this journey of slowing down, tending to your holistic nature and life essentials, and creating a foundation for unlimited growth in all areas of your life.


P.S. I’ll have post-completion programs coming here-after that will expand deeply on each of these areas of life, to support your continued evolution of health of body, mind, heart, and spirit.


Still have questions? Feel free to contact me to see if this is a good fit for you.



what you receive in the claim your vibrancy course

8 weeks of guidance on how to embody the life essentials that we should have been, but in most cases never were, taught to hold as our key foundations to a vibrant life


1 live, group 90-minute session per week where we’ll explore the weekly module relationship theme, engage in embodiment practices relative to that theme, and establish a process for integration and exploration of the theme within your life through the coming week. Can’t make it live? The sessions will be recorded and sent out to you to listen at your convenience!

Ability to email your questions, experiences, and thoughts in between the weekly sessions for extra support through the duration of the course


Guidance on how to practically apply the lessons to your life each week


Worksheets and journalling prompts to cultivate clarity, integration, and a path forward with each essential relationship we address


And, a practical, impactful foundation from which to create patterns of self nourishment that build health, vitality, and inner connection, and that nurture your body, mind, and heart


Schedule of live sessions (recorded if you can’t make it):

  • Tuesday October 31, 3:30 - 5p PT

  • Tuesday November 7, 3:30 - 5p PT

  • Tuesday November 14, 3:30 - 5p PT

  • Tuesday November 21, 3:30 - 5p PT

  • Tuesday November 28, 3:30 - 5p PT

  • Tuesday December 5, 3:30 - 5p PT

  • Tuesday December 12, 3:30 - 5p PT

  • Tuesday December 19, 3:30 - 5p PT

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