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A program for busy professionals seeking optimum, vibrant health

health doesn't have to suffer when life is busy

Working long, intense days consistently over time wears the body down. It gets tight, sore, tense, and stiff. And it starts to feel old.


The stress of high-responsibility, high pressure work strains the body organs and systems, nervous system, and impacts the mind and emotional ease. Symptoms and diagnosis start to build up and interfere with fulfillment in professional and personal life.


You live an extraordinarily busy life that you are passionate about. However, you notice aches, pains and problems in your body and mind, and see yourself starting to deteriorate. This is where I can help.

The Healthy CEO and Exec program: What It Is


Private yoga and health guidance - that works with your schedule - so you don't have to sacrifice the health and comfort of your body and mind, anymore

2 yoga classes per week   |   1 health check-in per month   |   Scheduled to fit your life

I use the wise teachings of Ayurveda, Yoga, and natural, intuitive living to help clients restore balance.


I can help you:

live well

age well

and thrive

you don't have to sacrifice the health of your body and mind, anymore

In order to live a full, busy life that you are passionate about long term, you have to keep your health and prioritize your wellness.

Through the practices of yoga and Ayurveda, you're fully supported to keep a mobile, youthful feeling body that operates as it's designed to so you can feel free of symptoms, illness and disease. This allows you to fully engage in your endeavors without suffering the pushback from a neglected body.

A healthier body and mind not only allow your professional pursuits to continue to unfold in a sustainable way, it also improves your personal life and relationship with yourself and others. 

a practical program for a busy life

This program is made to suit your schedule. We'll find two, one-hour blocks twice per week to engage in breathing, mindfulness, and body movement. You'll experience improved suppleness, flexibility and strength of your ligaments and muscles, more balanced function of your internal organs and systems, and a clearer, calmer mind. 

We'll schedule one hour-long block once per month to discuss the next dietary or lifestyle practice to implement to up level your overall health and wellness. This first of these sessions will be a health intake session where I get a picture of where you are and where your health opportunities lie. The monthly sessions thereafter are designed to educate and empower you to reduce the symptoms of illness or disease naturally and sustainably. 

Don't think yoga is for you? We can all benefit from better breathing and moving our body. The yoga practice does this in a skillful way that not only affects the breath, ligaments and muscles, but the whole mind-body system. Experience is not necessary. There are entry points for everybody.

Don't think you have enough time? Two hours a week will lead to years of better living and a longer, more comfortable life.

You can text or email questions any time throughout as well.


this program is for you, if you...

  • Live a full, busy life where making public class times to keep your body healthy and mind clear is not practical or possible

  • Experience daily stress, tension, tightness, and stiffness in the body or mind

  • Feel that your health is suffering from the intensity of your schedule, responsibility, or work-life demands

  • Want to take action to have a more comfortable body that you can use freely and without pain long-term, and increase the peace, ease, and flexbility of your mind and relationships

  • Have continual, recurrent symptoms of imbalance, illness or disease that interfere with your ability to perform in your work or show up for your personal or family life

  • Want to set a trajectory for healthier relationships with your body, health, diet, routine, and relationships so that you can have more freedom, focus, positivity, and optimism that naturally bubbles from your insides out

  • Feel like you’ve been ‘missing’ something in life, even though you have material abundance and societal success

  • Appreciate authentic connections, real relationships, ability to ask questions, and have guidance on your journey to a more satisfying, complete, and fulfilling way to live

  • Want to age gracefully as you continue to engage in your professional or personal passions

  • Are seeking more ease, flow, and sweetness in your day-to-day living

We all deserve our own kindness, care, and attention. I can help you create the space and do the practices that nurture and nourish your health, wellness, and longevity.

how it works

This program is a twice-weekly yoga class and once monthly health check-in to bring greater balance into your mind and body. Balance leads to health, and health leads to full expression of vibrancy.

We'll meet on Zoom and keep you progressing on your journey in health.

This is an experiential program where you’re continual ongoing practice will evolve into more energy, less aches, pains, and symptoms, and more trust in your ability to manage your health and physical comfort. 


The Healthy CEO & Exec is a holistic approach to wellness which allows for the expansion and evolution of all other areas of your life - including work.

the program

Step 1: Intake

You'll fill out two forms:

  • One about your yoga experience, if any - and no problem if not. The beginner will experience profound changes through stepping into the practice for the first time!

  • One about your health history and current health​

And let me know your options for two, one-hour time blocks each week so we can confirm those as your set twice-weekly sessions


Step 2: First meeting

We'll review your forms and goals so I can put together the best plan for you. You'll have one health practice to engage with right away to start your path of less symptoms and freer living

And confirm a monthly time-slot to review your health state and add a new practice to continue evolving your state of health

Step 3: Commence the twice-weekly yoga class schedule

Begin working together on Zoom twice-weekly to enhance your body, mind, and whole-self health through breath, mindfulness, and movement



what you receive in the healthy CEO and exec program

Twice-weekly private yoga classes for health of your whole body, inside and out (on Zoom)


Once-monthly health check-in where we’ll continually work at integrating health-promoting practices so that month by month your symptoms reduce rather than increase

Ability to email your questions, experiences, and thoughts through text, WhatsApp, or email anytime


Guidance on a yearly at-home seasonal cleanse and digestive reset to recalibrate your system more deeply at regular intervals


Additional opportunities for private, in-person balancing health treatments including healing bodywork treatments, small group retreats, and deeper cleanse and rejuvenation protocols


And, a practical, impactful foundation from which to create patterns of self nourishment that build health, vitality, and self-connection so you can live a vibrant life at your full potential





Have questions? 

If you have any questions about the program, click to schedule a discussion and once I get your email we can find a time to connect

One program, two tiers

The Healthy CEO & Exec - Standard Tier

Everything you’ve read about so far.


$2000 CAD + tax/month   |   $1600 USD/month

The Healthy CEO & Exec - Entry Tier

Everything you’ve read about so far, but reduced to one weekly yoga session (rather than two)


$1200 CAD + tax/month   |   $1000 USD/month

clients' words

“Working with Kelsey has made such a positive impact on my health! A few months ago my migraines were almost constant – now they are a rare occurrence. As I continue to work with her, I notice an increase in my physical and mental health daily. Her ongoing support and ability to answer all my questions are so appreciated!”

Amber H, British Columbia, Canada


“The biggest transformation for me so far has been my weight loss. I have been trying to lose excess weight over the last few years and it hasn’t budged. Just a few weeks of following Kelsey’s instructions helped make all the difference… even my husband was amazed at how quickly the weight dropped and how much lighter I looked! I also definitely feel better in my body and mind and all this is within a couple of weeks.. it’s been truly amazing!”

Hira K, London, U.K

“With Kelsey's guidance I am becoming stronger and more flexible in both mind and body. I’ve been overcoming a knee injury so I can feel more free in my body, interrupting negative self-talk and losing excess weight. I'm finally able to interrupt patterns of self-sabotage that kept me from consistency with my daily spiritual practices. I now have a schedule that works for my life that I'm sticking to, and I feel so much more calm, present and comfortable in my life - and through these transformations am a better mother, wife, friend, and business owner.”

Penny P, California, USA



final thoughts

Consistent, persistent practice of yoga and healthier living through the natural and practical science of Ayurveda will properly position you to experience the all-encompassing success that you may have been trying to experience in your body health, mind state, emotional condition, or relationships, but haven’t quite been able to grasp. 

If you’re ready to shift your life, improve your health, relationships, and work-life balance, progress where you haven’t been able to, to grow where you’ve felt stagnant, then consider joining me in this journey of holistic health and balanced living. You'll create a foundation for unlimited growth in all areas of your life, and set yourself up to live a vibrant life at your full potential. 

Still have questions? Feel free to contact me to see if this is a good fit for you.

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