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Ayurveda & Yoga Rejuvenation


Online or in-person on Vancouver Island

Offered four times yearly

Ayurveda & Yoga Rejuvenation Day-Retreats

Explore, expand, & restore your health, harmony, & connection 

Online or in-person on Vancouver Island

Offered four times yearly at the seasonal junctions

I use the wise teachings of Ayurveda, Yoga, and natural, intuitive living to help clients restore balance.


I can help you:

live well

age well

and thrive

retreat to rejuvenate

Retreat from your roles, responsibilities, and demands for a rejuvenating day of health, healing, and self-care. 


Enhance your body health, self-connection, and clear calm mindstate through the time-tested health and wellness practices of Ayurveda and yoga, resetting your entire system and grounding into a healthier, happier new season. 


Offered at the seasonal junction four times each year, this is an opportunity to carve out regular, repeated time for self-exploration, expansion, rejuvenation, and restoration - and to cultivate your greatest wealth - the health of your body and mind.


online retreat details

Location: Live on Zoom 

Schedule (all times are in Pacific Time/ PT)

8 - 10a  |  Pranayama and yoga asana (poses) for strength and balance​

10 - 11a  |  Discussion on yoga philosophy, Ayurveda for wise-living, and intention setting

11 - 1p  |  Break

1 - 1:30p  |  Guided intuitive energy management meditation​

1:30 - 3p  |  Posture-supporting, passive, and restorative yoga asana (poses)

2023 Schedule - Mark your calendar and reserve your space, today!

Spring retreat: Sunday March 19th

Summer retreat: Sunday June 18th

Autumn Retreat: Sunday October 8th

Winter Retreat: Sunday December 17th


$150 CAD  |  $ 115 USD per retreat


(or $550 CAD | $425 USD for all four)

Sliding scale available




in-person retreat details

Location: Aurora Wellness Centre in Nanoose


9 - 11a  |  Pranayama and yoga asana (poses) for strength and balance​

11a - 12p  |  Break, journaling, or joining in lunch prep and learning about Ayurveda diet along the way

12p  |  Fresh vegetarian Ayurvedic lunch and Nature break (Englishman River trails are nearby)

1:30 - 2:30p  |  Discussion on yoga philosophy, Ayurveda for wise-living, and intention setting

2:30 - 3p  |  Guided intuitive energy management meditation​

3:15 - 4:45p  |  Posture-supporting, passive, and restorative yoga asana

4:45 - 5:30p  |  Break, journaling, or joining in dinner preparation

5:30p  |  Fresh Ayurvedic dinner

2023 Schedule - Mark your calendar and reserve your space, today!

Spring retreat: Saturday March 18th

Summer retreat: Saturday June 17th

Autumn Retreat: Saturday October 7th

Winter Retreat: Saturday December 16


$275 per retreat (includes lunch and dinner)


(or $1000 for all four)

what it's about

In the Ayurveda & Yoga Rejuvenation Day-Retreats, you will:

  • Deepen your practice and explore new places in your body

  • Align with your heart while calming your nervous system and bringing clarity to your mind

  • Use marma points and hand mudras, breathing practices, and yoga poses to uplift your physical, mental and emotional strength and balance

  • Align your posture, deepen flexibility, enhance strength, nurture your nervous system, and nourish your mind-body connection through preparations, passive, active, and restorative yoga poses

  • Explore teachings of yoga philosophy that elevate your experience of yourself and how you interact with the world around you, including your relationships - enhancing the overall quality of everyday life 

  • Practice a guided intuitive energy management meditation to align your energy from the inside and connect with your innermost truth and wisdom

  • Indulge in - and enjoy! - two fresh, organic, vegetarian Ayurvedic meals that will rejuvenate your digestive system and leave you satisfied and nourished (online participants - you will receive the recipes to create these in your home!)

  • Receive written guidelines and instruction for a 5-day digestive reset diet that will improve your sleep, energy levels, skin quality, and overall health and feelings of wellness

  • Refresh your energy for the new season ahead

Suitable for all levels


Email with questions or to register:



about ayurveda

Ayurveda is the veda - the wisdom or knowledge - of ayuhu... life. Its two main aims are to maintain, protect and conserve the health of the healthy, and to restore the unhealthy to health so that we can live a full, free life at our fullest potential and with our best, most vibrant longevity. Start or deepen your Ayurveda - your wise-living - journey today!

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