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Live Well. Age Well. Thrive.

education and empowerment for a vibrant, healthy life


These resources are rooted in Ayurveda (the Eastern system of complete health and longevity), Yoga and Intuitive Living. They are here to empower your path to sustainable health, vitality, and living a vibrant life at your full potential - free from distracting symptoms and disease. 

What might you expect as you walk along your Ayurveda and Yoga health journey?



To feel amazing in your body. To trust your immunity. To awaken your innate healing potential. To free yourself from the distraction of symptoms, illness, and disease. To show up more fully in relationships. To feel like YOU. To fall in love with you. To fall in love with life. To know your answers, and be able to act on your truth. To feel vibrant. To radiate. To feel stable in your mind and emotions. To move through life transitions (menopause, pregnancy, life changes), with grace and ease. To age gracefully. To be able to and use your body easily as you age. To maintain your youthfulness. To be able to access your joy and your peace. And so much more. 

Are you ready for it?

Live a vibrant life at your full potential



I’m Kelsey. Teacher of Ayurveda and yoga, Ayurveda health practitioner, student of Vedic astrology, and above all - an ever-evolving student of life.


I help people heal and be healthy so they can Live Well, Age Well, and Thrive.


My personal journey as well as over a decade seeing clients and students awaken their own innate capacity to heal and thrive is my inspiration to continue teaching healthier, happier, more peace-filled living... naturally.

live a vibrant life


Contact me to get started or schedule a discovery call for assistance deciding the best approach for you

Ayurveda health consultations

Ayurveda health consultations   |   Health consultations provide you with a practical path to reduce symptoms and disease and increase sustainable health, vitality and graceful aging. You'll learn how to bring your body and mind to their optimum state using natural methods (diet, lifestyle, herbs, treatments and Yoga practices) that don't have side effects and that keep you healthy long term. 

New client - option 1 - Jump Start Program (*most recommended)   |   3 sessions (one 75-minute and two 60-minute sessions) scheduled every two weeks. The 3-session structure allows for smooth and effective integration of the diet, lifestyle, and herbal remedy suggestions with the least amount of stress and overwhelm so you can reach your health goals with ease and sustainability    |   $600  CAD + tax

New client - option 2   |   One 75-minute session   |   $225  CAD + tax

Existing client follow up sessions   |   45-minute sessions, scheduled as-needed   |   $150 CAD + tax

Balanced Living

Balanced living is grounded in understanding the cause and effect relationship between ourselves and all of life around us. When we see how the causes are affecting us, we can re-work our diet, lifestyle, patterns and practices so that we can navigate every day life in a wise and self-connected manner that leaves us healthy, flowing through life with ease, and thriving.

Claim Your Vibrancy Through the Essential Life Relationships   |   8-week live online course to embody the life essentials - keys to sustainable health, vitality, and living a vibrant life at your full potential - that we were never taught.

This course will walk through the most core, fundamental aspects of Ayurveda, yoga and intuitive living practices so you can create a strong, sustainable foundation for your total health and self-development.

Next session: 2024, specific dates TBD

Click here for details and registration (*Private and group options available)

Live Well, Age Well, Thrive   |   3-month private and personalized guidance to a healthier mind and body, greater youthfulness, and feeling so much better in all areas of your life. We'll meet twice per month to establish balanced diet and eating practices, lifestyle and self care, yoga, and foundational energy management techniques so you can reduce your specific symptoms, stressors, and challenges in your body, mind and living - and positively shift your life trajectory to a brighter, healthier future where you thrive.

These three months are for those who are really ready to make some big changes with their health and wellness. They will empower you to live well, age well, and thrive by creating a sustainable, balanced approach to your daily living that works for you, and will leave you confident in your ability to hold your health and vitality in your hands - and to continue reaching higher and higher peaks of wellness over time.

3-month package (meeting twice per month with support in between): $1200 CAD + tax

Yoga Classes   |   Offered in-person in Nanoose (North of Nanaimo) and online on Zoom. Yoga classes build strength, balance, mobility, and flexibility in your body, peace and resiliency in your mind, joy in your heart, and connection to your innermost essence.

*See schedule and details further down the page​

Private Therapeutic Yoga   |   Yoga offers a pathway to transcend limiting states of body, mind, and being through calming turbulence in the mind and stagnation in the systems and channels of the body. The Yoga poses are taught therapeutically to address physical pain and problems, and the breathing and meditation powerfully calm anxiety, reduce high stress and increase vitality. Sessions focus on your unique needs so that you get the best results. Includes asana (poses), breathing, and meditation.

60-minutes: $200 CAD + tax   |   45-minutes: $150 CAD + tax   |   4-hour package: $800 + tax

Intuitive Healings   |  We are energetic beings in a body and our energetic space can become cluttered, clogged, and stagnant as we interact with our own and the energies around us in life. Intuitive healings are an opportunity to address the subtle aspects of life, the energies, that impact your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, and behavioral health. Healings bring freedom from the subtle energies that are inhibiting your radiance, clarity, brilliance and thriving.  

40-minutes: $100 CAD + tax

Ayurveda bodywork treatments on Vancouver Island 

Optimize the health of your body, mind and emotions - your most precious assets and the foundation for a vibrant life experience - with Ayurveda bodywork. Treatments are offered in-studio in Nanoose. Treatment options are many and I will help you choose the right treatment for you.  Overall, treatments focus on calming the nervous system, harmonizing the mind, enhancing the function of your body organs and systems, restoring proper sleep rhythms and body function, improving the quality of the body tissues, and engaging your body's innate healing capacity.

Marma Therapy

Marma therapy uses energetic points called marmas to balance and heal the mind, organs, and body systems, including the all-important nervous system. Its basis is that we are energetic beings in a body and free-flowing prana (life-force) is what fuels our holistic health and vibrant living. 

Marma therapy involves gently holding certain points on the head, face, hands, and feet to cleanse energetic pollutants in the system and restore flow and balanced function to your whole being. 

Marma therapy restores the nervous system to a place of ease, promotes mental clarity and calm, improves sleep, counteracts stress, reduces anxiety, depression and fatigue, improves the function of the senses and sensory organs, supports physical and energetic circulation, encourages proper function of the body systems (including the digestive, respiratory, and elimination systems), increases vitality, and creates a feeling of overall connectedness and well-being.

Standalone session: $115 CAD     |     Twice monthly: $210 CAD/mo   |     5 session package: $475 CAD     |     10 session package: $1000 CAD

*Upgrade to include face massage for additional $10/session


Snehan is the Sanskrit word that means both "oil" and "love". This is a full-body high-quality oil application that deeply nourishes the skin, muscles, and joints, calms the mind and nervous system, and aids in stress reduction, improving energy levels, and balanced sleep rhythms where you wake up deeply restored. Ayurveda's very powerful treatment for calming vata dosha and increasing youthfulness and agility in the body and mind, delaying and in some cases even reversing the aging process.

Standalone session: $150 CAD     |     Twice monthly: $260 CAD/mo

And more! View the full treatment menu on the Aurora Wellness Centre website.

Vedic astrology birth chart readings

Jyotisha, known more commonly as Vedic astrology, is a way to understand the deep currents of karma that we brought into this life with us, that reflect in ebbs and flows of our life experience. It provides insight into who we are, why we are how we are, and the unfolding of our karmas throughout our life. I offer sessions for clients who know their exact birth time. In your session you'll learn your fundamental makeup as mapped out by the stars and planets at your birth, increase your understanding of yourself and how you operate in your life, and have clarity on life experiences, situations, or areas of life that have (or are) troubling, confusing, or challenging you.


60-minute session: $200 CAD

Contact me to get started, or schedule a discovery call to discuss your questions

"Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit. 

When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open."

B.K.S. Iyengar

how I can help:

full spectrum, natural health care

I help you create better health now and for the long run

Address painful, distracting symptoms and disease so you can be free to really live your life, including:

Headaches and Migraines   |   Pain   |   Digestive Issues   |   Bowel problems   |   Energy and fatigue   |   Eyes, ears, sight, and hearing   |   Hair and Skin   |   Acne   |   Allergies   |   Sleep Disturbances   |   Addiction   |   Anxiety, overwhelm, and stress   |   Hormonal imbalance   |   Menopause   |   Depression   |   Weight

Integrate balanced diet and lifestyle that keeps you clear, confident, comfortable in your body, and in joy at every age (and without the fear of aging)


I also help you understand yourself and life more deeply through the greater cosmic patterns seen in your Vedic astrology chart

... nurture and nourish your body, mind and heart through Ayurvedic bodywork in Nanaimo 


... and evolve through the professional pursuit of Ayurveda and yoga


Health consultations explore your unique make-up and current health and wellness needs, and provide clear, personalized guidance to elevate your health, healing, and vibrant living.


Yoga and Ayurveda classes teach you how to live a balanced life in tune with nature, where your mind-body symptoms and diseases fall away and your vitality shines through.


Ayurveda bodywork treatments restore health and balanced function to your body and mind through panchakarma (detox and rejuvenation programs), health and healing treatment plans, and drop-in treatments as you need.

higher learning

Push the boundaries of how extraordinary your health, life, and offerings to clients and students can be as you continue your growth and exploration.

Ayurveda Treatments and Methods for Natural Wellbeing and Beauty

An Ayurvedic wellness and beauty practitioner improves clients quality of life through teaching and practicing Ayurveda treatments and methods that promote whole-self-health. 

The treatments and methods work on internal and external levels to balance doshas, reduce stress, eliminate toxins, improve tissue nutrition, and enhance tissue quality so that the individual can experience the wellness and resulting radiance that is inherent in each one of us. 

The 8-day, 50-hour training will provide you with the education and experience to have exquisite self-care that cultivates your personal wellness and beauty, and to offer guidance, education, and treatments in professional settings.


This is a standalone training that can get you started as an Ayurvedic Wellness and Beauty Practitioner, as well as a fantastic addition to current massage therapy, holistic consulting, Ayurveda consulting, Yoga teaching, or esthetician work. 

Find out more here

yoga class schedule   |   online or in-person in nanaimo

Elevate your health and align with your Truth through yoga classes that enhance connection between your body, mind and breath.


Classes focus on cultivating balanced strength, flexibility, and energy flow in the body, enhancing clarity and peace in the mind, and establishing consciousness and rhythm with the breath. They will leave you feeling energized and relaxed, more resilient, at ease, in peace with yourself and life and so much better feeling in your body years down the road from now.

Classes are taught online and in-person in Nanaimo (specified below). Open to all levels and abilities. 

Registration and payment: Every 2-months (pro-rated if you join partway through a session)

Once per week: $136 - $153 CAD per 2-month session (8 or 9 weeks)

Twice or more per week: $240 - $270 per 2-month session (8 or 9 weeks)


Drop in rates: 

Online drop-in: $17 CAD

In-person drop-in: $20 CAD

Online yoga classes (Zoom)

Tuesdays 8:30 - 9:30a PT - Hatha yoga: A holistic practice beginning with pranayama before moving into a complete body balancing yoga asana practice

Fridays 8:30 - 9:30a PT - Hatha yoga (as above)


In-person yoga classes (at Aurora Wellness Center in Nanoose) *drop-ins must be pre-arranged

Monday 7 - 8:15p - Hatha Yoga (mixed level)

Wednesday 7 - 8:15p - Hatha Yoga (mixed level)

Friday 10:30 - 11:45a - Gentle and Restorative

“Do your practices and everything will come." Pattabhi Jois

client experience

Ready to take the next step to uplift your life?

“Kelsey's approach to Ayurveda is truly impressive. She is a wonderful role model and my inspiration to living a joyful and healthy life. I first met Kelsey years ago when I wanted to study Ayurveda. She couldn't have been more kind and thoughtful. She is incredibly intuitive to understanding where I was and where I needed to be. Her approach is to gently guide me to the answers I need and never makes me feel that I’m not on the right path to becoming an Ayurveda Health Counselor. She continues to be a powerful influence in my studies. Incorporating the daily Ayurvedic practices has also really worked well for me. I love her to pieces!”


Diana Gordon, Ohio | Studying to be an Ayurveda Health Counselor

"Kelsey has a very deep knowledge base and spreads her wisdom readily, all the while keeping things down-to-earth and light-hearted. She is professional and yet very personable at the same time. Kelsey has a bubbly personality and one can't help but feel glad and uplifted after a chat with her! My reading with Kelsey has allowed me to feel more comfortable with who I am, now that I understand that there are greater forces in play than just my own willpower, desires, or shortcomings. I gained acceptance and at the same time came out with new vigour, inspiration, and confidence to start making changes that will lead me closer to my purpose."


Erin Magnusson, Sweden | Vedic Astrology client

“My biggest transformation so far is interrupting the patterns of negative self-talk. With Kelsey's guidance - she is brilliant in how she knows what is the next right asana pose or pranayama or guided meditation -  I am steadily moving towards where I want to be. She has used her experience and training to assist me to overcome my fears of wanting to protect my knees and to strengthen the muscles around the knees to get me more comfortable in my body. With Kelsey's assistance I have a schedule and I'm sticking to it and I feel so much calmer and present for the rest of my day.”


Penny Polayes, California | Ayurveda and Yoga client

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